project name: Oiled Mahogany Deck & Stainless Cable Rail
project name: Details, Cedar & Copper
project name: New Cedar Clapboards & Trim Detail
project name: New Oak Stairs with a twist
project name: Garage Addition off Renovated Barn
project name: Garage Remodel
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The art and craft of remodeling is like no other type of building. It requires more knowledge, planning and patience than new construction. The contractor’s relationship with the client is intimate, fraught with stressful decision-making for the homeowner, and requires a high level of trust and confidence in your contractor. With 35 years of referral-only business, you can be assured that Stowe Remodeling Co. exemplifies skilled craftsmanship executed on-time and within budget, and the all-important “soft skills” that result in lasting friendships with our clients.